The forecasted large growth rate in the Chinese EV market should lead to another big year for Nio. Within the past 10 years, another variation has emerged, the electric blue Jack Dempsey (EBJ). see review. Average captive size is 8 inches. It’s a 125 g and right now there are the two oscars, a Jack Dempsey, sailfin pleco, 5 silver dollars, two blue gourami, a blood parrot, and one rainbow shark. Learning about Jack Dempsey Fish Care can help your fish. I was wondering what's a nornmal growth rate and how long do I have to get my 75 set up? Q: How fast is the jack dempsey cichlid’s growth rate? Fish at 82 F will grow faster than fish at 78 F will all other factors being the same. Jack Dempsey is notorious for their aggressiveness and territorial behavior towards their companions. They can reach 10 inches in captivity. Eventually I’ll just have these two oscars and the pleco in this tank. They have a growth rate of 1/2 inch a month in most cases. The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is an ideal time to reflect on what’s important to us and what we hope to achieve. IEC 62380 PDF. My jack dempsey grew from about ~3inches to 9inches in a year. Here is the Omega one Cichlid pellets I mentioned. Jack Dempsey. Re: Jack Dempsey cichlids -08/24/08 Growing Jack Dempsey Fry Thanks for your email. Jack Dempsey one of the most wildly kept cichlids around the globe. Thanks

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