Galactic Challenges is a new PVE event that allows players to do challenging combat puzzles that will change on a regular basis. 3 days might be a little early. Reward: Rey - SWGOH Events displays the next event date with relevant information about the event. The YouTube videos just aren’t making and sense to me. 6. All other Light Side allies gain half of that amount. Its not 100%, but pretty close. Capital Games release some big news yesterday - their "minimum requirements" for the two upcoming SWGoH Galactic Legend characters - Galactic Legend Rey and Galactic Legend Kylo Ren. Galactic Legend Rey is way stronger than galactic legend Kylo. Game code and certain audio and/or visual material © document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); Electronic Arts Inc. Remember when Rey was the best gl? Galactic Legend tickets are completely out of pocket. I still have hope that Seep will rule them all. Also, Luke and Rey have a harder Geonosis Territory Battle than SLKR so we need to take that into consideration as well. Galactic Legend Rey Tiers 4-6 are SO much easier than SLKR’s Galactic Legend Rey Tiers 4-6 are SO much easier than SLKR’s Home Search Live … He is absurdly good in PvE. Says 1 of 4 in fine print next to it? We’ve practically got no content in the past 4+ months. I think I lost 2 rounds with this strategy, but 12-2 is still great, so don't Galactic Legend characters will have the ability to impact the Mastery stats that were added with the addition of Relics to SWGoH, and are designed for end-game players. Four Galactic Legends characters are now known after the original two after Rey and … I have beat GL Luke with SLKR but it was without Lukes UA. Wondering what’s next. Early Thoughts – Tier II: The scene on Kijimi is well done, like in the Galactic Legend Rey event. Rey Resistance Leader who safeguards her allies by providing powerful shields and delivering high damage Power 44173 Speed 398 Health 104,355 Any hits I have on SLKR do not even go over 10,000 Up Next 00:13:51 INVINCIBLE JAWAS! As many have read, I was able to unlock Galactic Legend Rey in early April and have been using her extensively while slowly waiting to add her Ultimate ability. No need to Feint endlessly if so! Galactic Legend Rey (1 of 4) Upgrade Rey (Jedi Training) to Relic 7 Upgrade Finn to Relic 5 Upgrade Resistance Trooper to Relic 5 Galactic Legend Rey (2 of 4) Upgrade Rey (Scavenger) to Relic 7 Upgrade Resistance Pilot Rey: like 18m on … Considering the amount needed paired with the Requirements Unlocks at 7 stars. So Wampa and Hoda are not really viable. 7. I dont think the goal has been to supplant him with another, but to build out others that fit other areas better. The big and scary tier 6 of the Rey Galactic Legend event looms before me. No new raid means that HSith will continue to be the end game raid. He is fantastic in PvP. A Eventos Legend Galactic em SWGoH estão em construção há meses e, finalmente, em 25 de março de 2020, os jogadores puderam começar a trabalhar para abrir as novas versões da Lenda Galáctica de Rey e do Líder Supremo Kylo Ren. Tier 3 is easy. I just don't see either of the two current GLs replacing him as the top dog. Not enough in the wild yet. Below are the requirements to enter the event. Simply by virtue of being able to be indestructible with full FO squad vs SEE (unless someone comes up with a sith magic trick), SLKR has a major, Also FO is a pretty solid offensive fleet just using SLKR requirements. Toggle navigation Units Characters Ships Abilities G13 Player Data Stats Top Players Top Characters Meta … Rey loses 25% Health and target Light Side ally gains bonus Protection equal to the amount lost. Rey is an absolute trash tier investment compared to SLK now that we aren't getting another raid. Galactic Legend: Rey. I seem to remember feint, feint, strike, strike will get you three points, but don't hold me to it. Once you meet these It is early though. BB8 needs to be around 280+ speed, Rey as high as you can, you need to wave fake Hux before he takes a turn. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Heir to the Dark Side – Tier III 07.01.20 – I did a little research, and I mean a little, and quickly found a video saying that I could beat Tier III in 2 minutes . If PvE content moving forward is similar, then SLKR might not gain much value. SEE works with his team more and might prove more useful there. Unlike the characters in this game, which look like a 12 year old has done the job. 5. It looks like you're new here. STAR WARS © & TM document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. He doesn't need to pull characters from other teams to be great. The combat puzzles utilize modifiers and feats to keep players looking for fresh new ways to complete the challenges. Rey gear levels, materials and recipes for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Tier 1で要求されるチケットの数は15、8回まで繰り返してシャードを10個ゲットできます。つまり、Tier 1で80個のシャードをゲットできるということですね。120枚もチケットためるんですか・・・ 結構辛いと思います。ここで4~8日間はかかる見込み edited 5 months ago I just realized that the ships actually look good and detailed in this game.

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