Seemingly able to swing in all directions, Grievous gave Adam little room for adjustment as he attacked the Faunus leader with burst after burst of lightning quick strikes. I will deal with this scum myself!’’ Grievous commanded, his arms splitting and unleashing the 4 blades at once. Scanning the entire room with his eyes and listening for the generals wheezing breath, Adam sheathed Wilt and readied Blush. I’d hate to take that baby-sitting job. Death Battle: General Grievous vs. Doc Ock. Height Our forces cannot hope to penetrate the city's perimeter without suffering heavy losses. That's enough to wipe out most of Manhattan. Only for his blade to be caught by the mechanical foot of his foe, who laughed before bringing it down and wrapping his other foot around Adams head. Goro vs General Grievous is a What-If? Oh and it has 4 little laser swords and tuberculosis to boot. The onslaught he is able to unleash with his lightsabers has earned him the title of "Jedi Killer," having accumulated an impressive collection of trophies by the time of his death. But they weren’t the only ones. Leader of the White Fang, and a terrorist supreme! Not to mention the countless amounts of Jedi he’d murdered during the Clone Wars gave him a massive edge. In theory, this means Grievous can wield a total of 6 lightsabers at a time. While both got their respective injuries in different ways, they take out their aggression on those they believe have wronged them. Tanked and walked through a Force Bellow. Hates: Jedi, his droid troops being idiots, being labeled as those same idiots, Composed of Duranium and Durasteel, two of the strongest and most common alloys in the Star Wars Universe, Armor can resist starfighter grade laser fire. The Battle of Hypori was the result of intelligence gathered by Jedi Master Daakman Barrek and his Padawan, Sha'a Gi, which indicated the presence of a large droid factory on Hypori. Age Near intelligible voice, often breaks into a coughing fit, Failed to prevent the destruction of his flagship the Malevolence, Outmaneuvered by Skywalker's forces at the Battle of Bathawui, Failed to kill Anakin Skywalker despite R3-S6 serving as a spy, Failed to prevent the destruction of Skytop Station, Failed to kill Kit Fisto despite having help from his Magnaguards, Unsuccessful in the Second Battle of Kamino, Has failed to defeat Obi-Wan or Ahsoka Tano; despite fighting them multiple times, Failed to turn captured Jedi Padawans into his own cyborg soldiers, Was forced to surrender to Darth Maul and shut down his droid army, Failed to deliver a Kyber Crystal to Dooku, His mission of kidnapping Palpatine was thwarted by Anakin and Obi-Wan, Forced to abandon his second flagship the Invisible Hand. Wiz: Somewhere in a distant galaxy, a war was breaking out between the reptilian race known as the Kaleesh, and the insect race named the Huk. This is all for fun, so let me know what you think at the end!) No long-ranged weapons (other than a couple of Blasters). Lacks a connection to the Force, rendering him unable to utilize or defend himself from such attacks. Just ask Obi-Wan, who could react to the Nano-second, and he would have needed it to take himself to the limit. It's almost like he had a personal shield around him. Outran laser bolts and missiles being fired at him from numerous ARC Troopers and a Gunship. Both have some impressive survivability feats, even if at the points of their defeats it almost seemed like the writers forgot about them, but that's why we leave the conspiracy videos for YouTubers. Boomstick: Well, I don’t know about you, Wiz, but I don’t think these two know all that much about being valiant. ‘’But sir. Wiz: No, but I think it's important to discuss their vast differences in skill and power to really understand the outcome. Moreover, Grievous just couldn’t understand what was stopping him from piercing the Faunus defenses. Wiz: That's 2373875.67 joules by the way. But there is one more important attribute that above all, defined the outcome. All the weapons are guns in this world and I am ok with that. ‘’And I will not suffer a demotion because of your lack of foresight!’’. he rose in ranks until he becam… Boomstick: Again, putting it lightly, Wiz. ‘’Then drain this mine completely. But Wilt and Blush’s most powerful attack comes in the form of a slice so powerful, it can disintegrate massive enemies like the Spider-Droid, in mere seconds. We don’t have much to give. Obi Wan is successful to kill General Grievous at the end of the movie. And they’re dangerously unreliable against electricity. Thanks to his cybernetics, Grievous doesn’t tire as easily, and Adam has shown incredible resilience against multiple opponents. Maul was tracked to Zanbar by General Grievous, the leader of the Separatist military, and a Separatist fleet. Matthew Wood, Sound Department: Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

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