Editors Contribution (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: phase. When recording, phase issues can quickly become complicated, usually becoming a problem when more than one channel is used to record a single source, such as stereo miking a guitar, multi-miking a drum set, or using a microphone/DI combo for bass. Define phase. phased definition: 1. past simple and past participle of phase 2. to introduce something in stages over a particular…. This is the British English definition of go through.View American English definition of go through.. Change your default dictionary to American English. phase synonyms, phase pronunciation, phase translation, English dictionary definition of phase. What does phase mean? going through a phase phrase. Definition of go through a phase in the Idioms Dictionary. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. See more. a stage in development: The toddler is just going through a phase. Matter can be thought of as energy that has a phase, a resonance, so for comic book purposes, it becomes possible for the person to makes his matter resonate exactly as the matter of another substance and thus pass through as though the other stuff was not there. In the Studio. Phase. When capacitors or inductors are involved in an AC circuit, the current and voltage do not peak at the same time. : 86: 3 Examples of physical properties include density, index of refraction, magnetization and chemical composition. In the physical sciences, a phase is a region of space (a thermodynamic system), throughout which all physical properties of a material are essentially uniform. Learn more. New York State based its COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration process on ten guiding principles. To faze is to disturb, bother, or embarrass, but a phase is a stage or step.It could faze your family if your princess phase lasts well into your college years.. Faze entered English around 1830 through American English as a variant of feeze, to mean "frighten." Phase definition, any of the major appearances or aspects in which a thing of varying modes or conditions manifests itself to the eye or mind. What does go through a phase expression mean? Definition and synonyms of go through from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. What does going through a phase expression mean? On the other hand, “phase” refers generally to stages. go through a phase phrase. ... That phase of military supply which extends from receipt of finished supplies by the Military Services through issue for use or consumption. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Definition of going through a phase in the Idioms Dictionary. The fraction of a period difference between the peaks expressed in degrees is said to be the phase difference. It's often in the negative, like when your mellow brother is unfazed by your crazy Cinderella costumes. Meaning of phase. A step-by-step stage of a … For instance, the phases of the moon or a phase someone is going through or phases of harmonic motion or the like. phase is used to describe a resonance in a wave form. The phase difference is = 90 degrees.It is customary to use the angle by which the voltage leads the current.

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